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Personal Styling


Your Personal Stylist 

We believe that every woman has a beautiful story to tell with thier personal style. Let us help you say what you want to say without speaking. What do you want the world to know?

  Imagine the possibilities

Millions of women are moving into a new era of their lives and don’t know how to step on the wardrobe of the woman they want to be while staying true to the beautiful women they already are.

This results in spending extra time and money shopping via stores and online only to spend more time returning these clothes or to have them sit in your closet never to be worn. And let’s not forget that feeling of inadequacy when you show up to an event dress inappropriately or simply not feeling your best because of what you are wearing.

My program is a proficient, customized and, enlightening way of finding your style.


We cater to any woman looking to leap into the next phase of themselves and wishes their overall style to reflect this.

-Recent college graduates who are now young professionals who want to stay youthful but are ready to dress more mature

-Those who have hit your goal weight and want to dress your new body

-Recently retired women moving from business attire to casual and chic

-Young women, ready to evolve into the woman she always dreamed of being

- Seasoned women who know and believe women can still be sexy AND age appropriate

-ANY women that feel tired of not living out your full potential with your style


We will go through a process of finding your style and EDUCATING you on how to continue to evolve! 


Personalized Styling Services in the form of:

Personalized fit and color analysis 

Personal shopping

Tailoring and redesign service

MOST OF ALL! Styling client to the highest level in conjunction with their own personal style

The aim is not to change you... the aim is simply to make you the BEST you.
— Verneccia Etienne