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Beyonce...What do we have here?

Beyonce, What do we have here?

Verneccia Etienne

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Beyonce stunned as usual in an emerald green satin wrap dress from the oh so affordable House of CB at Rhianna’s annual Diamond Ball. The Bey Hive and even non Beyonce worshipers are loving the fact that she’s just as willing to wear a $200 dress just as much as she would wear a $20,000 dress. Despite this, let’s go ahead and address the elephant in the room.


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Image courtesy of

We have seen countless images of Beyonce in the dress and we can all agree she looks GORGEOUS and the dress looks GORGEOUS! However, what you see here are what we call snags or pulls.

“How did they get there?!” some of you may be wondering…… “Are they part of the design? They seem to be evenly placed on the dress…….” others may be asking.

And some of you may be saying, "it is happening BECAUSE she is wearing a $200 dress as opposed to a $20,000 dress," as we mentioned before. Others simply state that "it's not even the same dress, or that the people handling the dress damaged it."

Well my friends, I am here to tell you that this is the same House of CB dress that was worn on the model. The neckline has simply been pinned to give Beyonce more coverage in her bust.

Images courtesy of & House of CB

Images courtesy of & House of CB

No one damaged the dress prior to the event….the guilty parties are those two diamond bracelets! Never wear satin and diamond jewelry with prongs!

As you can see, Beyonce was styled with those two diamond cuffs that appear to be part of the gown. This is probably another reason why some of you are thinking this is a different dress. Well, per House of CB the diamond cuffs are jewelry that were added by the stylist. They ARE NOT constructed into the dress.


Well, per House of CB the diamond cuffs are jewelry that were added by the stylist. They ARE NOT constructed into the dress.

Beyonce simply spent the evening snagging and pulling the satin fabric with those beautiful pronged diamond cuffs. What a tragedy!


Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

A lot of fashion enthusiasts are saying that since the dress is not what we call “high end designer quality” and therefore more than likely made of polyester, a silk satin dress would not have had this problem.


We are all familiar with satin as a FABRIC. It is beautiful, its delicate in some cases, it always seems to have a bit of a shiny luster to it even if it is subtle, it screams formal and feminine. But what most don’t know is that satin fabric is named satin because the WEAVE STRUCTURE used to create the fabric is named satin.

Weave structure is a method of textile production in which two distinct sets of yarns or threads are interlaced at right angles to form a fabric or cloth. A PLAIN weave structure (which is also the most sturdy) weaves the yarns or threads on an “over under” motion through every other thread or yarn like this:

plain weave.png


As you can see, since the yarns or threads are tightly woven the likelihood of a snag or pull in your fabric is slim.

A SATIN WEAVE however is practically the opposite in structure. The yarns or threads  the filling threads are interlaced with the warp at widely separated intervals, producing the effect of an unbroken surface. As a result of the weave, the fabric will appear shiny



As you can see here the likelihood of you snagging or pulling the fabric with this weave structure are pretty much inevatible. I mean, look at how loose the threads/yarns are?! So this shows that no matter what FIBER you use to weave your satin fabric, whether it be the polyester House of CB used for their pretty emerald dress or if it was silk, it was doomed the minute it was decided for her to style the look with those pronged diamond cuffs.

Let this be a lesson everyone. Never wear pronged jewelry with a flowy satin ensemble unless you are 100% sure that jewelry will stay a safe distance from it!!